Good News and Sad News

Well after last week’s fantastic news about Juan Felipe Herrera being appointed California Poet Laureate, comes this week’s sad news about the death of Adrienne Rich.

I never met Adrienne Rich but somehow felt that she knew me and I her.  That was the exquisite beauty of both her writing and of the way she lived her life – with integrity, humility, dignity and joy.  I am saddened by the knowledge that we know longer share this plane and am glad that she is no longer in pain. And selfishly, or perhaps for all of us, I am glad that she left us with her words, her example and her spirit.  Blessings to all who loved her and to all who were moved by her words and her life.

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Everything Indicates

Some of you have heard me talk about PoBoEx, the poetry boat expedition, I’ve been working on with Ben Davis and Tamsin Smith for the last year. Well, it’s now an actual, gritty, honest and beautiful book titled Everything Indicates and available in print! We’re working on a less expensive printer and a distribution partner, but if you’re anxious for a copy, here’s a link to purchase. Right now, it’s perfect for that person in the $50 gift range that loves photography, utilitarian public spaces and poetry!  There are plenty of events being planned for 2012 too, so stay tuned!!

Here’s a description from co-editor Tamsin Smith:

What do you get when you put twenty or so local poets in hardhats and safety goggles for an all-access tour of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge? Verse, and beautiful verse at that. EVERYTHING INDICATES is a collection of poems and images inspired by this other man-made marvel. Set to open in 2013, the eastern span will be the world’s largest self-anchored suspension span bridge; however, beyond this remarkable feat of engineering, the bridge is a literal lifeline for the diverse communities, individuals, and businesses of the San Francisco Bay Area and far beyond.

The poems and photographs of EVERYTHING INDICATES are themselves a bridge, which bring us closer to the common experience that unites us as human beings. Sometimes we need reminders of the grace and beauty that surround us, hiding in plain site. Struggles both daily and profound can serve to connect, rather than alienate, if viewed from a certain angle. This is the gift of art. In it, the dualities of past and future, here and there, light and dark, life and death, writer and reader, mind and heart, flesh and concrete, find a melody line.

The collection takes its title from Walt Whitmans’s “Crossing the Brooklyn Ferry,” as a spur for us all to discover purpose, harmony, and universal truths with our own eyes, ears, and imaginations.

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Hello world!

I have been harangued encouraged to create a web presence for my creative endeavors for the last time.  Stay tuned as I collect/share/comment on literary, visual, sonic and other forms of alchemy from my own head, from next door, and from across seas and fronteras.

In the meantime explore some of the links from the publications, exhibitions and readings pages.

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